Azienda Agricola Fragale Domenico

The Fragale Domenico extra virgin olive oil is extracted by pressing fine olives that belong to “Cultivar carolea”, a typology of olive tree which is more than one hundred years old. This type of olive trees can be found especifically in the hills around the famous area “dop Lamezia” in Calabria . Olive oil production in Southern Italy is a tradition wich dates back over a thousand years, since the Ancient Greeks colonised the area further called “Magna Graecia” The Fragale Domenico extra virgin olive oil comes from a meticulous and controlled process, since pruning to picking, with a particular focus on avoiding contaminations through algae, fungus, lichens, bryophytes, pteridophytes as well as harmful insects. The olives are processed into oil by the manufacture of Fragale’s family through generations. This family use to have a cold pressing and the oil produced was conserved in stainless steel. Moreover, Fragale’s family attends to clarify a natural decanting with diversification, in order to analyze the oil and ,at the end, to bottle it only according to their premises. The oil produced maintains its organoleptic characteristics unchanged thanks to cold pressing and presents a golden color, a delicate and fruity flavor, with fresh hints of tomato and of artichoke. The Fragale Domenico extra virgin olive oil is very important also due its low acidity, around 3%, ideally suited for season salad, white meat and fish dishes.